Catching a big Crappie fish during a fishing trip feels like a big achievement, doesn’t it? It’s a trophy moment, no doubt about it. So, what is the best crappie replica mount?

Here are some of the best crappie replica mounts:

  • Crappie Fish 13.75 Inches Metal Replica Mount – Reelistic Replicas
  • Crappie Replica Mount Driftwood Metal Scene – Reelistic Replicas
  • Crappie Replica Mount 14 inches – Lake Country Replicas
  • Crappie 16 Inch Fish Replica – The Fish Mount Store
  • Vintage Crappie Fish Replica On Wood – eBay

Keep reading to explore a detailed overview of Crappie replica mounts, their costs, top picks, and all the insider tips to make your fishy showcase a reality!

How Much Do Crappie Replica Mounts Cost?

When it comes to showing off that big catch, or even just a memory of a fun day on the water, a Crappie replica mount can be the perfect option. But how much can you expect to shell out for one of these beautiful replicas?

Well, on average, Crappie replica mounts might set you back anywhere from $18 to $20 per inch of fish. The final price tag largely depends on the kind of replica mount you’re looking to bring home.

If you’re looking at custom or fiberglass replica mounts, you’ll want to brace yourself for a slightly higher cost.

These are designed with painstaking attention to detail, from the curve of the fish’s body to the glint in its eye. Because of the extra work and materials that go into these pieces, they tend to carry a hefty price tag than their ready-made metal replica counterparts.

See our guide about fish replica materials to know what they are generally made of.

And then there’s the question of brand. As with any product, who makes your Crappie replica mount can make a big difference in cost.

Top-notch taxidermy shops will often command higher prices due to their reputation for quality. Lesser-known brands might offer a more budget-friendly option, but remember, you often get what you pay for.

Finally, a heads up – some taxidermy shops have a minimum charge for their replica mounts.

That means, even if your Crappie is on the smaller side, you may still need to meet that minimum payment requirement. It’s always best to inquire about this upfront, so you’re not caught by surprise later.

Speaking of fish mounts, you may think is it possible to prepare a fish replica without harming the fish? To learn more about it, we recommend you read our guide: Can you get a fish mounted without Killing It?

Best Crappie Replica Mounts

1. Crappie Replica Metal Mount 13.75 inches – Reelistic Replicas

Type:Metal Crappie Replica
Size:13.75 inches
Website:Realistic Replicas Store

Looking for an extraordinary art piece to enhance your wall? You may want to consider the Crappie Replica Metal Mount by Reelistic Replicas.

It’s a stunning representation of a black Crappie, stretching 13.75 inches across, and crafted meticulously from laser-cut metal. It’s a 2D piece, yet with the high-level details and vivid colors, it portrays an impressive illusion of depth.

Now, you might wonder where you can display such a unique piece. The answer is simple – anywhere you want.

Whether it’s the rustic ambiance of a cabin, the professional environment of an office, or the comforting warmth of a home, this mount has universal appeal. It brings an element of nature indoors, offering a charming focal point.

What sets this piece apart is its price. At just $50, it’s a remarkable combination of quality and affordability. If you’re thinking of gifting something unique to an angling enthusiast or someone who values unique decor, this Crappie replica is an ideal choice.

In a nutshell, this Crappie Replica Metal Mount brings a slice of aquatic life into your space, offering an artistic touch that’s sure to attract appreciation.

2. Crappie Replica Mount Driftwood Metal Scene – Reelistic Replicas

Type:Metal Crappie Replica
Size:24 inches width and 26 inches height
Website:Realistic Replicas Store

Next on our list is the Crappie Replica Mount Driftwood Metal Scene by Reelistic Replicas. This is not your average wall art. It’s a natural scene that comes alive, right in your living room or office.

It is also made from premium quality laser cut metal sheets. The whole metal fish mount consists of three Crappie fish with each being 14 inches in length placed around on a driftwood.

Now, you might wonder, “Won’t it be hard to hang?” Nope. Despite its dynamic design, it’s really simple to get up on the wall. 

Size? It’s big enough to catch the eye but won’t overwhelm your space. At 24 inches wide and 26 inches high – perfect for being a center of attraction in your room without looking odd.

At $149.95, it’s a nice deal. For a touch of natural beauty that can transform any room and get people talking, the Crappie Replica Mount Driftwood Metal Scene is a great pick.

3. Crappie Replica Mount 14 inches – Lake Country Replicas

Type:Crappie Fish Replica
Size:14 inches
Website:Lake Country Replicas

Next, we have the Crappie Replica Mount from Lake Country Replicas. It’s a 14-inch crappie, fully painted, finished, and ready to impress.

It turns to the right and has a nice pose, which makes it look like it’s just been plucked out of the water. The girth? A solid 13 inches. So, it’s a substantial piece.

Yes, it’s a little pricier. But if you’re a crappie enthusiast or know someone who is, this replica from Lake Country Replicas is a fantastic choice. It might be a bit of an investment, but for the quality and craftsmanship you’re getting, it’s well worth it.

4. Crappie 16 Inch Fish Replica – The Fish Mount Store

Type:Crappie Fish Replica Mount
Size:16 inches
Website:The Fish Mount Store

For $320, they offer a white Crappie fish replica that’s a substantial 16 inches long. But here’s the best part: you can make Crappie Fish Replica Mounts design, uniquely yours. They offer custom crappie fish replica mounts based on your actual catch. 

The Fish Mount Store doesn’t stop at personalization, either. They also give you the choice between mounting your fish replica on driftwood or hardwood plaques. Both options have their own charm, with the driftwood adding a rustic touch, and the hardwood offering a more classic look.

So, if you’re after a crappie replica mount that’s truly yours – a piece that not only looks fantastic but also tells your fishing story – then give The Fish Mount Store a look. Their attention to detail and personalization options might just reel you in.

If you’re interested in exploring more taxidermists, don’t forget to check out our guide about where to get fish mounted.

5. Vintage Crappie Fish Replica Mount – eBay

Type:Wall Mount Crappie Fish Replica On Wood
Size:7.25 inches

Sometimes, charm comes in simple packages. If you appreciate vintage aesthetics and a dash of nostalgia, eBay has the perfect option for you.

For just $69.99, you can secure a vintage-style Crappie fish replica. This compact 7.25-inch piece is perfect for those snug spaces or as a complementary element in a larger display. Despite its smaller size, this replica doesn’t compromise on style and appeal.

Set against a wood backdrop, the replica gives off a rustic vibe, taking you back to the golden days of fishing. It’s a wall mount type, meaning it’s ready to adorn your wall and become a conversation piece.

What makes it extra special is the vintage touch. It’s like owning a piece of fishing history, a nod to timeless tradition, all the while celebrating your love for Crappie fishing.


So, in short, while the price range for Crappie replica mounts can vary, expect to consider factors like the type, brand, and minimum charges at the taxidermy shop when budgeting for your purchase.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly Crappie replica mount, then metal replica mounts are the best choice. They are ready-made, so you don’t have to wait longer to get them. Also, these metal mounts are prepared using advanced printing and metalworking techniques which allows them to look ultra realistic.

But you can also choose from other replica mounts we shared in this guide depending on your preference. Ultimately, the perfect mount for your Crappie will be one that fits your budget and also brings a slice of the great outdoors right into your home.

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