Love bass fishing? Discover our handpicked collection of the best bass fish mounts that will showcase your biggest catches like never before.

Here are some of the best bass fish mounts:

  • Largemouth Bass Fish Mount Metal Replica Driftwood Scene – Reelsitic Replicas
  • Largemouth Bass Fish Mount Metal Replica 23 inches – Reelistic Replicas
  • Smallmouth Bass Fish Mount Metal Replica 20 inches – Reelistic Replicas
  • Largemouth Bass Fish Mounts – Coast To Coast Fish Mounts
  • Largemouth Bass Fish Mounts – King Sailfish Mounts

From the cost of bass fish mounts to the best collection, we’ll cover it all in this guide. Read on till the end to explore more!

Types Of Bass Fish Mounts

Before we dive into the best bass fish mounts, it’s essential to know about the types of fish mounts.

  • Bass Skin Mounts
  • Bass Replica Mounts

For bass skin mounts, you need to hire professional taxidermists. Taxidermists are professional individuals who specialize in creating a fish mount of the skin of the fish. They first clean the skin, treat it, and then mount it on a mold. 

You can also make your own fish skin mounts by watching video tutorials or doing courses. But there’s a learning curve and time investment associated with it. So the best thing is to hire professionals for that purpose.

Be sure to check out our article on where to get a fish mounted. It provides insights on some of the top taxidermy shops that can help you with mounting your bass fish.

Say you are not interested in real fish skin mounts, yet you want a realistic fish replica mount. The solution to that is getting a replica fish mount.

Nowadays, fiberglass materials and various polymer resins are used along with crafting technologies to craft these replica mounts. Read our article to learn more about what fish replicas are made of.

With replica mounts, you have two options. Either you can get custom fish replica mounts or the ready made replica mounts.

With custom replica mounts, you have the option to create a fish replica that looks just like your catch.

Send the taxidermists with photo details and other measurements about the fish. They will create life-like replicas based on that. To learn more about this, see our guide on getting a fish mount from just a picture.

Another option is ready made replica bass fish mounts. The mounts are ready made and are available at a more affordable cost. And yes, even though they may not look exactly like the catch, they do look pretty realistic.

How Much Do Bass Fish Mounts Cost?

Bass Mounts cost $15-$18 per inch of the bass fish, especially talking about the fish skin mounts. The custom made fish replica mounts also have a comparable cost of between $11-$18, depending on the type of taxidermist you choose.

So to give you an idea, if you want to get a largemouth bass fish replica of 29 inches, the coast can be anywhere between $435 – $522.

Another thing to remember is that most taxidermy shops have a minimum patent requirement of $200-$300. So you need to keep that mind while considering the cost of the bass fish mounts.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly fish replicas, you might want to check out our detailed guide on the best cheap fish replicas.

But in short, for affordable fish replicas, your best option is to go with the metal fish replicas. These replicas cost less, and they are much more durable than traditional fish replicas.

Best Bass Fish Mounts

1. Largemouth Bass Replica Mount Driftwood Scene – Reelistic Replicas

Type:Metal Bass Fish Mounts
Size:22 inches
Website:Reelistic Replicas

Do you want a durable and handmade bass fish mount? Then this Largemouth Metal Bass Fish mouth will be the right choice for you.

With a nice driftwood backdrop and bluegill fish on the sides, this Metal fish mounts is sure to enhance the aesthetic value of any room. 

It’s a 2D metal fish replica, yet it is designed in such a way that it looks and feels just like a life-like 3D bass fish mount replica.

Whether you want to hang it on a Cabin, Lodge, or as a Home Decor, this Bass Mount is sure to be a great addition. The best thing is this replica mount comes at a very affordable price and is made from durable laser-cut metal sheets.

2. Largemouth Bass Replica Mount 23 inches – Reelistic Replicas

Type:Metal Bass Fish Mounts Replica
Size:23 inches
Website:Reelistic Replicas

If you’re looking for a single bass fish mount replica to hang on your wall, then this 23 inch replica is the right choice.

Crafted with precision, this lifelike bass fish mount is the result of our advanced metalworking and design techniques, ensuring every intricate detail is captured to perfection. When you see it up close, you’ll be amazed at how realistic it looks!

But here’s what really sets it apart from the rest – its standalone design. Simply hang it on your wall, and voila! You’ve got yourself a stunning trophy wall-mount that’s sure to impress every guest who sets eyes on it.

And not to forget, it’s relatively bigger in size, which gives it that extra touch of grandeur. This bass fish mount will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of any room.

3. Smallmouth Bass Replica Mount 20 inches – Reelistic Replicas

Type:Metal Bass Fish Mounts Replica
Size:20 inches
Website:Reelistic Replicas

Imagine a stunning piece of metal artwork, precisely 20 inches long, depicting the majestic smallmouth bass.

Now, the price tag – only $89.95. Unbelievable, right? It’s an incredible bargain and an excellent gift option for any nature lover

And hey, while we’re talking about gifts, don’t forget to check out our curated list of the best fishing gifts for Dad.

Now, back to this stunning bass replica. What makes it truly stand out is its size and the use of metal material. It’s going to last a lot longer than its skin-mount counterparts.

Curious how long fish skin mounts last? Check out this guide about the longevity of fish skin mounts to learn more. So, in a nutshell, this 20-inch smallmouth bass fish replica mount is a durable, eye-catching, and affordable addition to your space that’s bound to reel in the compliments.

4. Largemouth Bass Fish Mount – Coast To Coast Fish Mounts

Type:Custom Bass Fish Mounts
Cost:Minimum Price $295
Size:8 – 31 inches
Website:Coast To Coast Fish Mounts

Coast to Coast fish mount is a Taxidermy store that offers custom-painted bass fish mounts and replicas. From 8 to 31 inches, they can make all types of bass fish mounts.

Also, they can match and replicate your bass fish catch from the image you provide them.

The artisans at Coast To Coast Fish Mounts use custom lacquer paints to paint the fish mount and use standard taxidermy techniques for the whole design and detailing of the mount.

All in all, if you’re looking for a custom-prepared bass fish mount, you are good to go with them.

5. Largemouth Bass Fish Mounts – King Sailfish Mounts

Type:Custom Bass Fish Mounts
Cost:$429 – $708
Size:19 – 32 inches
Website:King Sailfish Mounts

At King Sailfish Mounts, you will find a variety of bass fish mounts. If you have any custom or special order, you can directly contact them.

But if you’re looking for a bass fish mount without your customizations that’s also possible. Their artists add the best colors and life-like designs on the bass fish mounts they create.

On their product catalog, you will find a variety of bass fish mount options weighing from 5 pounds to 22 pound bass fish mounts.

You can choose from them and within a month or two, they will deliver you the bass fish mounts of your choice.


So there you have it! We have explored a variety of options when it comes to choosing the best bass fish mounts.

Remember, selecting the right mount is a balance of your budget, the quality of craftsmanship, and of course, your personal style.

Hopefully, this guide has given you all the information you need to pick out your next impressive bass fish mount. Happy decorating!

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