Personalized Largemouth Bass Replica Driftwood Scene


  • Personalized Largemouth Bass Replica Scene
  • New economical alternative fish replica wall art
  • Vivid realistic colors that mimic the look of real living fish
  • Hi-resolution image infused into the surface of the metal
  • Flat 2-Dimensional Replica Wall Art
  • It comes with a built-in wall hanger for a fast easy display
  • Materials: Laser Cut 18 Gauge Sheet Steel, Permanently Infused Art Rendition
  • 30.50 inches wide
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Personalized Largemouth Replica Fish Art

2D with 4 and 5-inch bluegills

Largemouth Bass Scene is made from 2-dimensional laser cut metal and has a special process to make it look 3D.

SPECIFICATIONS for 2 Dimensional Largemouth Bass Scene (Wall Mount)

  • Personalized fish art scene gives you 2 full lines of text to add whatever you wish.
  • 30 Inches overall
  • 22 Inch Largemouth
  • 4 and 5-inch bluegills
  • 14-inch height (approx)
  • Made from laser-cut 18 gauge metal
  • Image is infused permanently into the surface of the metal

Rustic Art For:

  • Cabin Decor
  • Lodge Decor
  • Lake Home Living
  • Home or Office

Unique Largemouth Bass scene reproduction created with hyperrealistic colors and image that fools the eye, is it 3D or is it not?

A whole new way to display the type of fish you like to catch. A 2-dimensional Largemouth Bass Mount Hanging at half the cost of a traditional 3-dimensional replica.

Image is infused into the surface of the metal to last a lifetime.

For the fishing enthusiast and for the love and beauty of the outdoors.

Rustic Decor for cabin, lodge, and lake home

Unique 2-Dimensional Metal Wall Art, that looks like an actual fish mount.
Size = 30.5 x 14.50
Constructed of heavy-duty laser-cut metal

The image is permanently infused into the surface of the metal creating a super realistic fish mount scene.

Introducing our new metal art piece, capturing three magnificent Sunfish, 2 Bluegill, and 1 Pumpkinseed

The metal wall art piece is designed to convey a lifelike representation of the underwater scene. The three large Bluegills and Pumpkinseed.

The metal piece is designed with a built-in bracket to hold the piece off the wall approximately 1/2 inch. The weathered texture look of the wood makes a great rustic wall decor for any lodge, cabin, lake home, or office. Once mounted on the wall the Largemouth and Sunfish appear to be floating off the wall in 3 dimensions, however, the entire piece is only 2 dimensional.

Perfectly suited to home decor, cabin, and lodge decor, or just about any living room or office space that craves a touch of natural beauty. Its larger size measuring 30.5×14.5 inches ensures that it becomes the focal point of any room, commanding attention and sparking conversations.

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions32 × 16 × 1 in


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