Northern Pike Replica – Metal, Realistic Mount


  • Flat 2-Dimensional Replica Wall Art
  • Comes with built in wall hanger
  • Materials: Laser Cut 18 Gauge Sheet Steel, Permanently Infused Art Rendition
  • Width: 42 inches
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Northern Pike Replica – 2D 42 inch Wall Mount

Northern Pike replica Wall Art Fish Replica is an alternative cost-effective way to get that special moment in time preserved.

An addition to any angler’s collection is our 42-inch Northern Pike, which is so lifelike it tricks the eye and everyone that sees it and yet it is only 2 dimensional.

A great alternative to your traditional 3D mounts is our new flat metal 2D replicas. Crafted with great detail, this Northern Pikes’ intricate scale patterns, lifelike eyes, and even the spots and coloring look like real skin. But what truly sets this trophy apart is how it tricks your mind into thinking it’s the real deal. Whether you’re admiring it up close or from across the room, you’ll swear that you’re looking at an actual Northern Mount.

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Our realistic laser-cut metal replicas offer a more economical option to traditional 3-dimensional taxidermy mounts and 3D fiberglass replicas.


  • 2 Dimensional
  • Laser cut 18 gauge metal
  • Hyper-realistic full-color image infused into the surface of the metal permanently
  • Special built-in mounting bracket for hanging
  • The tail and fins can be bent some to give it even more 3D effect

Unique Fish Replica Rustic Wall Decor Ideas for:
Cabin, Lake or Home Decor
A keepsake memory of that big fish caught on a family trip
Childs first fish
Personal best fish mount
Lodge Decor
Business Decor
Fishing contest trophy idea
Fathers Day Gift
Christmas gift
Traditional fishing trip memorabilia

What some of our customers are saying:
★★★★★ When your replica showed up at my house, it represented -perfectly- every big fish that we have ever caught.
★★★★★ This scene is so realistic! The depth and detail is unbelievable. We are so happy with it. Fantastic!

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Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions44 × 16 × 1 in



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