Interested in decorating your wall with a nice bluegill replica mount? Then you’re at the right place!

Here are some of the best bluegill replica mounts:

  • Bluegill Replica Mount 10.75 inch – Realistic Replicas
  • Bluegill Replica Mount With Driftwood Scene – Reelistic Replicas
  • Bluegill Replica Mount – Lake Country Replicas
  • Fiberglass Bluegill Fish Mount – Coast To Coast Fish Mounts
  • Bluegill Replica Fish Mounts – King Sailfish Mounts

Read on to find out the nitty-gritty details of the best bluegill replica mount along with other related information about the topic.

How Much Do Bluegill Replica Mounts Cost?

On average, fish mounts cost between $15 – $20 per inch of the fish. And typically, the cost of bluegill fish mounts can vary between $18 to $20 per inch of the fish.

The exact cost can vary depending on the type of fish, the materials required to make the fish mount, as well as the taxidermy store you choose for making the mounts.

Now fish mounts are of two types, skin mounts, and replica mounts. There isn’t much difference between the cost of both. But the main difference is the time it takes, the requirement of fish skin in the process, and the longevity of the mounts.

Replica mounts are typically made from fiberglass material or metal materials. Learn more about what fish replicas are made from.

Nowadays, replica mounts are becoming more popular because they look very realistic and at the same time, they are much more durable than their skin mount counterparts.

From all the replica mounts, metal bluegill replica mounts are available at a relatively lower cost, yet they look realistic and offer great durability.

Just in case you’re wondering if every fish mount is a replica or made from real fish, please check out this guide: Are All Fish Mounts Replicas?

Below, we will be sharing some of the best bluegill replica mounts of all types. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best Bluegill Replica Mounts

Bluegill Replica Mount Metal Wall Mount 10.75 In – Reelistic Replicas

bluegill replica mount
Type:Metal Bluegill Replica Mount
Size:$10.75 inches
Website:Reelistic Replicas

This Bluegill Replica Mount from Reelsitic Replicas is a meticulously designed art piece handmade using laser-cut 18 gauge metal sheets.

With a size of 10.75 inches, this bluegill replica mount is perfect to make an impressive statement wherever you mount it. It costs only $45 and comes with nice detailing that makes it look just like a freshly caught bluegill.

The unique thing about this metal replica mount is its natural colors and markings that are combined with advanced metal working techniques to form the final art piece. Since it’s a metal fish replica, you can rest assured that this replica mount will remain a part of of your collection for years to come.

Whether you hang it as a centerpiece home decor element in any room or add it to your fish mount collection, this bluegill replica is sure to get the conversation rolling.

Bluegill Replica Mount With Driftwood Scene – Reelsitic Replicas

Type:Metal Bluegill Replica Mount
Size:24 inches by 27 inches
Website:Reelistic Replicas

If you want the bluegill replica mount along with a whole nature scene in its backdrop then this bluegill replica mount with driftwood scene is the right choice for you.

It is a whole nature scene captured using premium quality laser-cut metal sheets and with a combination of advanced design and networking techniques. Even though the piece is a 2D metal art piece, it is designed in such a way that it looks life-like, just like a 3D replica.

The whole mount comes at a decent cost of $149.95 but you also get a big-sized fish mount with so many things going on.

Imagine large bluegills along with the sunfish swimming around with the backdrop of driftwood. Sounds interesting? The size f the whole mount is 24 inches wide and 27 inches high, making it suitable enough to have a nice impact as the centerpiece of any room.

The installation process of this mount is also quite simple, It is designed along with a mount-in bracket so that you can easily mount it wherever you wish and enhance the aesthetic appeal of that place.

Bluegill Replica Mount – Lake Country Replicas

Type:Bluegill Replica Mounts
Size:7.5 inches to 15 inches
Website:Lake Country Replicas

The Lake Country Replicas is one of the popular fish replica mount manufacturers in North America. They offer bluegill replica mounts in various sizes starting from as small as 7.5 inches to as big as 15 inches.

Their replica mounts have a realistic appeal and to give you a rough idea the cost of a 7.5-inch bluegill replica mount fully painted costs $240.

If you want to explore bluegill replica mounts of various sizes and appearances, then this store is worth checking out.

Fiberglass Bluegill Fish Mount – Coast To Coast Fish Mounts

Type:Bluegill Replica Mounts
Cost:$295 min
Size:4 inches to 17 inches
Website:Coast To Coast Fish Mounts

Coast To Coast Fish Mounts is another popular taxidermy company. They are in the business for more than four decades. Their offer bluegill replica mounts in a wide size range, from 4 inches small to 17 inches big sized. If you have a catch and want a bluegill replica just looking like that, then this company has got you covered.

Just share your pictures and other relevant details regarding the fish, and they will prepare the customized bluegill replica for you. Keep in mind that regardless of the fish, they have a minimum fee of $295 for ordering a fish mount.

Bluegill Replica Fish Mount – King Sailfish Mounts

Type:Bluegill Replica Mounts
Size:4 inches
Website:King Sailfish Mounts

If you’re looking for bluegill fish mounts at a relatively affordable cost, you can check out the King Sailfish Mounts.

They offer a 4-inch Bluegill replica mount for just $39. Skilled artisans prepare the replica and the mounts are designed so that you can install them anywhere without any hassle.

The bluegill mount is made from transparent plastic material that is durable enough to last long and painted well to make it look life-like.

Other Websites To Find The Best Bluegill Replica Mounts

Some other websites where you could find some high-quality bluegill replica mounts include Etsy, eBay, and Amazon.

On Etsy and Amazon, you’ll mostly find normal wall-decor-type fish replicas. But if you’re looking for proper bluegill mounts that are made by professional and individual taxidermists using advanced design techniques, then you can check out eBay.

Read our detailed guide on where to get fish mounted to learn in detail about all the sources through which you can get a high-quality fish mount.


So to wrap up, in this article, you learned about bluegill fish mounts from various brands, including Realistic Replicas, Lake Country Replicas, Coast to Coast Fish Mounts, and King Sailfish Mounts

The factors that affect the cost of Bluegill replica mounts include materials used and durability. Shopping platforms like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon can also be a great way to discover various bluegill fish mounts on a good budget. 

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